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Personal Training

zRock Mind & Body Fitness is not only a fitness studio for individuals who "like to do their own thing", but also those looking for some direction.  

Whether you're looking to drop a few pounds to improve your general health, or want to build lean muscle to prepare for an upcoming season, zRock's Personal Trainers can help customize a plan that fits your lifestyle AND your time.  

​"Our goal is to create a plan that fits your life, not to make your life fit your workout plan."

Nutrition Plans

It's a known fact that 90% of your overall "healthy self" comes from nutrition alone.  What is less known, is what types of food and amount of food you need for your lifestyle. 

​We have all fallen victim to the alluring marketing pitch from hundreds of fad diets over the years.  The definition of a fad itself is that it is short-lived, yet we all put our best effort and energy into them year after year.  

At zRock Mind and Body Fitness, we take a different approach to customizing nutrition plans.  We take the time to understand you at a personal level first; your habits, your hobbies, likes & dislikes, etc. From that, we dive into your goals and discover what you want to achieve, then we back into a new eating lifestyle that fits.  Our plans take time, they aren't designed to be quick fixes.  Our plans are designed to be lifestyle changes.

Call or stop by to setup a consultation with our lead nutrition expert today.

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