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Like anyone interested in joining a gym as a new member, you may be asking yourself "Is this place right for me?"  And that's a great first step with any long-term, meaningful decision, especially one that touches so many aspects of your life (faith, fitness and nutrition).  

zRock isn't your typical "gym", meaning, we didn't create this concept hoping to get a lot of members that wouldn't show up, just so we could have an empty gym and make money.  Money is important to any business obviously, it's actually critical.  However, as cheesy as it sounds, we truly want our members to show up and experience the culture we've created.  

​If you're concerned about the faith aspect of our mission statement, don't worry, we're not going to pour holy water on you before and after your workout.  We, like many men and women across the nation, have been victim to circumstance over the years.  Many of them good, but more bad than we care to count.  We simply wanted to take this small shining light, the idea of having a fitness facility that inspires its members to not only be healthy on a physical level, but a spirital one as well, and create an organized, easily accessabile, alternative avenue to bettering our community.  If you just want to show up, keep to yourself and get in your daily workout, that's awesome too--this gym is still for you. 

We want zRock to be synonomous with the fitness industry as the gym that caused a paradigm shift and started a revolution.  We are all consumed with the daily grind.  Take a moment, digest the zRock story, and come see us if you're interested in becoming a member.  We would love to have you be a part of zRock. 
-Dusty McGuire ​, Founder & President